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Hey Tap Dancing's my update...

Well, here's my tap dancing update:

   My Mom and I drove over to Razzle Dazzle Dancewear (a Division of Dance etc.) to purchase my tap shoees [for my tap class at Center for Theater Arts]. Turns out, we just missed closing time by 15 minutes (closing time is a good song, too. Thanks to Evan, I rediscovered that song last year during musical. *Claps for Evan and his music-loving abilities. Don't worry, younger Laura, he's all yours. I have a crush on a guy in college, so, no worries. All I'll say is that he's the best guy I've ever met, and, he goes to Virginia Tech.). I was also suppose to get my senior pictures today, but, Mom told me that M&M photography was still closed when she drove by. Therefore, after school on Tuesday, I'll pick up my senior pictures. Then, I'll go to Razzle Dazzle Dancewear and pick up my dance shoes. Yay for Jeremy at Dance etc! He's a wonderful tapper! A nice guy, too. Even though he seems to be a savvy businessman, Jeremy is still kind to the public. It's always good to be kind to others, even if you don't like them, or, even dislike them. That's what I think about when I'm at school sometimes, "Okay, just be polite. I don't have to be nice to that person, but, just be polite."

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