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11:17am 08/10/2005
mood: complacent
Pacific Shores Performing Arts Center in Cypress, CA is looking for Musical Theatre teacher and Voice teacher for their tuesday classes....to see the schedule and location, go to http://www.pacificshorespac.com and email them directly at the site OR call the number on their site!!! They REALLY NEED someone starting this tuesday but I can sub if you can't make it this tuesday...but if you're interested they'd LOVE to hear from you!!!! You can also comment me for more info. Thanks!


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Soles of Steel! Fa-lap fa-lap shuffle ball change, maxi ford maxi ford flappalo! 
07:48pm 17/09/2005
mood: accomplished
Hooray! Yesterday I went to my tap class and I was the only one signed up. So yah, it was a little akward being the only one there, especially because I was kinda rusty. So anyway, Kelly (the teacher) gave me a phenomenal alternative to the class: SOLES OF STEEL!!!! That's the tap company there. Squee! I AM SO HAPPY! And and and and and I'm getting a million times better at wings. I know you tap patrons are like, "Pff wings are as easy as crap" but it's a big accomplishment for me. And I'm improving those flaps you do with both feet at the same time. What are those called? Pull-ups? Oh well.

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02:16pm 03/06/2005
mood: Ready for NYC
So I am going up to NY to take some classes.....especially tap. Probably at Steps, if any of you know of some good tap teachers, tell me and I'll see if they have a class when I am there

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OC and LA listen up 
06:08pm 29/04/2005
  if anyone is seeing the show Hot Tap (LA, OC) there are TONS of people in it...and i'm in it too! Its a great show it'd be amazing if you could see it. Its at the huntington beach library theatre and for information on tix go to soundeffectstapcompany.com or email soundeffectstap@aol.com or call 714 827 6199. something u dont wanna miss!  

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A successful performance 
11:17am 29/04/2005
mood: dorky

Hey tappers,

M tap performance went really well! My Adult Tap Class performed a tap routine to the song, "All That Jazz". The performance went so well! My tap class received the most applause out of all of the dance classes. Thanks to Colleen, my wonderful tap teacher who chreographed wonderful moves to our dance.


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tap lover 
10:43am 16/04/2005
mood: creative
My name is Alie B. (double name) I love tap and have been tapping for a long time. I am in an advanced tap class and I am the youngest person in it by 2 years! We are doing this awesome number in our show this may, "It Don't Mean t Thing if You Ain't Got That Swing." I love it! Its fast and a lot of fun! I've studied tap in New York, but I live in Birmingham. Also We're doing a tap piece to Were In the Money (from 42nd Street) We get do tap on dimes...(basicly little wooden platforms that are painted and look like a dime.) It is fun! So I love tap as you know, and I take dance classes every day of the week. I dance a lot because I also do theatre, and youve gotta be able to dance to be in big song and dance musicals! I go up to New York aton to study tap, theater dance, and voice and acting. I just joined this community and love it!

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03:53pm 29/03/2005
  sorry i fotgot to introduce myself..
HEY my name is LISA and ive been dancing for about 6 years and i love it my cuz just opened this dancing academy and soon they are going to this NEW YORK dance conferences and classes, I really want to go but its 3thousand dollars i dont have that much money so i guess i wont go LOL anyway i love tap lessons and dancing I LOVE IT..

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03:49pm 29/03/2005
mood: dance danc e
hey wazzup ppl..
well yesterday i was dancing LOL and i was doing a center floor and suddenly my tap shoe flew out of nowhere i was like WHAT?? haha it was so funny but i almost fell on my butt..

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Hi guys! 
11:56pm 28/03/2005
mood: chipper
I'm a n00b, and I love tap! I've only been doing it for 4 years, but it's totally awesome and I don't wanna stop anytime soon! I plan on trying out for the tap team next year, um... I don't have much to say... except that the tap teacher I had last year was really hot!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He looks better in real life. And his daughter is so cute! Grr, I'm such a stalker. Later, peeps!

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tap, eh? 
06:17pm 17/03/2005
  my user pic is ann miller. oh the great ann miller. anyway i felt like writing in here because i haven't in a long time. i just traveled to san fransisco to tap in a show there and it was really fun. i'm really going to miss traveling around with my tap company. i'm done with it in june. anyone in california know of any good ones to try out for for the upcoming year?

PS: anyway going to 3DN or Break the Floor this summer?

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09:49am 26/02/2005
mood: clean :D
Hey! My name is Kayla and I've been tapping for 11 years. Even though I take a zillion other types of dance, tap is, and always will be, my favorite. In addition to regular classes, I also compete as one half of a duo. I've tapped to all different kinds of songs... Jump In Line (Shake Senora), It's Raining Men, Jump, Jive, and Whail, Proud Mary, and Straighten Up and Fly Right. I also assist beginning tap classes on Saturday morning, which is a great experience.

I look forward to talkin to y'all soon!

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01:05am 03/01/2005
  Hey! My name is Laura and I have been dancing for ten years, tap, jazz, and ballet. Jazz used to be my favorite but now I find that I like tap the most. If any one has any good ideas for a tap song I could use for a duet I would be really thankful. In the past I have mostly tapped to country songs.  

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12:47pm 20/12/2004
mood: bouncy
Hey My name is Zane, I'm 15 and live in Redmond Washington...wooo hooo...and I just started tap about 2 months ago...and everytime I tap (wheather I'm doing it right or screwing it up horribly) I get this feeling, like I'm floating on this dancing high, and it's a feeling I've never felt before..... Sorry it that sounded totally lame. BUT YEAH...SO thats me!

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Tapping Update... 
09:51am 27/11/2004
mood: amused

Hey Tappers,

In my first year of tap dancing (this year), so far, I've learned a lot. Here's what I've learned so far:



toe leaps

grapevine back

grapevine back and front

the shim sham (shuffle (righ foot) step, left foot shuffle step, shuffle ball-change, shuffle step)

Shim Sham tag (step to the left, flap to the right, step hop left; step hop right, padabore (l.r.l), leap right and clap)

Single Buck-time step routine

Double Buck-time step routine

Triple Buck-time step routine

Irish time step routine

6 step dig/toe leap routine

traveling toe leaps

running flaps

pull backs


Now, my class preparing for our Spring performance; my class and I will tap dance to the song, "All that Jazz" from Chicago. This year's been great! I love tap dancing!



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What A Change 
01:14pm 22/11/2004
  Hey everyone! Im new to this community. My name is Amanda and I have been dancing for 15 years. Tap has always been my favorite and became my favorite even more this year after my grandma passed away. Tap was her favorite to watch me perform. This year we are doing a tap dance routine without any music!! I am so excited because it sounds soo awesome!  

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10:59am 08/11/2004
mood: sick
i was tapping in the showcase in palm springs, CA this weekend and the theatre was so huge and dark that i was dizzy and didnt see where i was going and almost slipped off. ya that would've sucked. luckily a guy in the front row was wearing a white tee shirt so that kept my perception in gear.

i swear some theatres need to know when it's TOO dark.

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12:17am 06/11/2004
mood: creative
hey i just made tap shoes! i took some mary janes i got at goodwill, took off the taps of my old blochs, and tada now I have uber-cool green tapping mary janes. NIIICCCEE. yes i'm excited.

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06:34pm 20/10/2004
  Hey everyone! I'm new. I started tap when I was 7 after watching and falling in love with Gene Kelly in Singin in the Rain. I love his dancing style! I'm almost 23 now and I haven't taken tap for two years. I miss it so much! Our studios are too expensive for me and most of the classes are for kids so I don't really fit in anyway. I hope I can find a group to dance with soon.  

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Hey Tap Dancing fans...here's my update... 
03:20pm 04/09/2004
mood: Amused and tired

Well, here's my tap dancing update:

   My Mom and I drove over to Razzle Dazzle Dancewear (a Division of Dance etc.) to purchase my tap shoees [for my tap class at Center for Theater Arts]. Turns out, we just missed closing time by 15 minutes (closing time is a good song, too. Thanks to Evan, I rediscovered that song last year during musical. *Claps for Evan and his music-loving abilities. Don't worry, younger Laura, he's all yours. I have a crush on a guy in college, so, no worries. All I'll say is that he's the best guy I've ever met, and, he goes to Virginia Tech.). I was also suppose to get my senior pictures today, but, Mom told me that M&M photography was still closed when she drove by. Therefore, after school on Tuesday, I'll pick up my senior pictures. Then, I'll go to Razzle Dazzle Dancewear and pick up my dance shoes. Yay for Jeremy at Dance etc! He's a wonderful tapper! A nice guy, too. Even though he seems to be a savvy businessman, Jeremy is still kind to the public. It's always good to be kind to others, even if you don't like them, or, even dislike them. That's what I think about when I'm at school sometimes, "Okay, just be polite. I don't have to be nice to that person, but, just be polite."


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Well, Tap fans... 
02:55pm 19/08/2004
mood: excited for Adult Tap!

Today, my Mom called Center for Theater Arts (the place where I took acting classes last year and am going to take tap classes this year). I was originally going to take Tap 1 on Saturdays this coming up year. Well, it turns out that the Tap 1 class on Saturdays is mostly full of little kiddies (3-5 years old). As much as I like kids, that would be very embarrasing and awkward to learn tap with five year olds. There is an older kids class Tap 1, but it's on Mondays from 4-5pm, and that's cutting it close with my Mom and work. Therefore, here's what's going to happen: I will now take Adult Tap on Mondays from 8-9pm. Yay! I'll be around people my age (and older), plus, I still will learn tap at a beginning level! Yay, I'm so excited! In my opinion, tap (and swing, too) is (are, if you include swing) the coolest form(s) of dance around. I'm anxious to learn tap and to finally become a "DANCER". Maybe I can wear those "DANCER" shorts....

Okay, over and out.


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